Where does the 11294 come from?

Alright, out of all the questions I get about Rockin WAVES, the #1 question I get asked most often is “What does the 11294 mean?”

Alot of times, I tell people to just guess. And the responses I get are pretty amusing at times. Some people think it’s my birthdate (11-2-94) which that ain’t it. (Mine is about 5 years and a few months earlier). One person thought that it was a zip code for something, which that isn’t it either. One person even thought I just closed my eyes and typed 5 random numbers on a keyboard which if I did it we would’ve been called “Rockin WAVES 36548”

The origin of 11294 goes back a long ways to our beginning.

Back when I launched Rockin WAVES, we were streaming on a site called UBroadcast which was a audio streaming service where independent broadcasters could have their own online radio station. Unfortunately, you had to not only download streaming software from their site (it was a custom encoder program that could only be used for Ubroadcast) but you also had to download a special player just to listen to the stations on there. Sadly, the site didn’t work and today in 2019, the site is no longer online. It closed I want to say about 4 years ago but I could be wrong.

Anyway, on with the story. Each station on Ubroadcast gets a station number. The station number is what you would type into the Ubroadcast player to find the station. The station number we had was “11294”. We started using that in some of our branding to help people find the station and when we moved from Ubroadcast to BlogTV, we decided to keep 11294 in the station name.

So there you go, that’s the story of how over the years, 11294 has remained significant with Rockin WAVES and how even to this day, we still pay homage to the site that allowed me to start living a dream by saying “Rockin WAVES 11294”.

Later on, I’ll give a little history on some of the sites we have used throughout the years. They have been numerous.


Summer of Rockin 2019!

SOR 19 is underway! And we have some great programming in store! Be sure to check the schedule page for all the latest updates on shows and whatnot and we have a few specials also in store for the summer!

We have a NEW SHOW that’s airing on Rockin WAVES. It’s called A.F.T. Buzz. Its 1 hour of Arena Football Talk that is distributed by our friends at 920 W.O.N. The Apple. It’s a very interesting and informative show that I think you will enjoy! Give it a listen on Tuesdays at 6 PM right before the Tommy B. Show.

Also, this August marks 50 years since the Woodstock Music Festival. And we have a couple of special things in store for that weekend. It’s too early to unveil them now as it is still in the planning stages but I think you will enjoy what we have in store if the plans come to be. Just stay tuned to here and on our Facebook page for more information!

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has listened to Rockin WAVES. It truly means a lot and the support we get from you guys on our Facebook posts and those of you who send me an email telling me that all of us are doing a great job, makes all the hard work worthwhile. I can promise you that we will continue working hard for you guys to make this station your favorite station for years to come!

Well, that about does it for the update. Time to work on some graphics for SOR. Thanks for reading and as always, keep on Rockin!

Rockin WAVES Update (FINALLY!) – April 2019

WOW! Well, alot has happened in 4 months! Let’s get to it!

FIRST OFF, the DJ Bio page is up and available for viewing! So if you want to find out more about some of the DJ’s you are hearing on Rockin WAVES, there you go.

We have also added some new shows since the last update!

We added this show I believe back in October and until now, I noticed we never gave it a proper welcome to Rockin WAVES, so I would like to rectify that by welcoming One Nostalgic Weekend to the Rockin WAVES lineup! You can hear them every Saturday at 4 PM.

Also, back last year, we for a short time, had a show called Prime Time With The Iceman. Well, we have since stopped carrying it but The Iceman is still heard on Rockin WAVES! You can hear The Iceman’s 150 Show! Hearing great songs from the 70s and 80s every Wednesday night at 9 PM immediately following The Charles Richardson Show.


We have added another show to Saturdays on Rockin WAVES. Every Saturday at 1:30 PM, you can hear The Retro 80s Weekend With Dean!

Also, coming soon, probably either around June or August, we are going to be revamping the schedule again. There will be some shows that will be removed and some that will be changed around. Sort of like what happened last year at the fall schedule unveiling. There will be more info on that as we get closer.

As always, Keep on Rockin!

Website Update

Well, we are well into the holiday season and with that we have made some updates to the website both cosmetically and internally.

First off, on the non-seeing side, we updated the editor and the layout to make everything more accessible and user friendly.

That’s about it on the non-seeing side.

Other changes we made was the addition of DJ Bios! That’s right! Now when you click the DJ Bios tab, it’ll take you to a page that features pictures of all of us and all you have to do it click on a DJ and it’ll take you to their bio! The DJ Bio page is currently being built so not all the DJ’s are on there yet but eventually, we will try and have all the DJ’s on there.

Also, if you have been listening for a long time, back after BlogTV shutdown, we moved to Ustream. We even had a page here on the website where you just had to click and you were tuned in. Well, recently, Ustream changed to IBM Cloud Video and you now have to pay a ridiculous amount to stream on there. Because of that, we deleted our account and therefore, deleted the site page that went with it. But, shouldn’t be too much of a change because you guys haven’t seen the page in about 3 years lol.

In addition to all this, we have updated the schedule, links page and we are also looking at more ways to make the website look better and work better for you! There is still a lot of work left to do so keep checking back for more!

Now, in addition to the website, the station has really been doing fantastic on the listening side of things! We have had ALOT of listeners tuned in recently and we appreciate everyone that has listened into the Holiday of Rockin! The holiday music will continue until December 26th when we will sign off for a couple of hours for maintenance and then will sign back on within a couple of hours.

Coming up also is the New Year’s Eve All Stereo Marathon! We are really excited about it and we have a lot of great programming coming up!

Also, want to take this time to welcome DJ Sizzlin’ Sarah to the Rockin WAVES Team! She is, like a lot of our air staff, an ABS Graduate! Be sure to check her out on Saturday nights at 10 PM Eastern!

Well, that about does it for this update, in case I don’t make another post before then, I want to take this time to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Rockin WAVES 11294!

Keep on Rockin!
– Chris

The Holiday of Rockin’ 2018

It’s the biggest time of year for Rockin WAVES and the holidays are officially here! All the DJ’s here at Rockin WAVES usually have the most fun during the holidays and it really comes out during the shows! To help celebrate the holiday season, we are going to be airing some classic holiday specials on the iVlog channel. Call it a Rockin WAVES Christmas Theatre if you will. Below are the dates when you can catch the Christmas specials and what we will be showing. Each week it will be an hour long so be sure to tune in! The start time is 8 PM and here is what we will be showing!

December 4th: WKRP in Cincinnati (Christmas Episode), A Garfield Christmas
December 11th: WKRP in Cincinnati (Christmas Episode), A Charlie Brown Christmas
December 18th: Mickey’s Christmas Carol

All those shows (with the exception of WKRP In Cincinnati) I taped myself back in the 90s so it will be a real treat to go back in time to the 90s and relive some of the classic shows and commercials with it!

Also, we have changed formats to Holiday on the Shoutcast which means if you are listening to us on Winamp or other devices, you may need to redownload the links to the player info on our listen live page. If the info you previously downloaded still works, then your good to go!

Thank you very much for listening in! We are looking forward to Christmas this year and we hope you are too! More to come during the holiday season with special shows and everything else! In the meantime, Keep on Rockin!


Heading toward the holidays and some new shows

Hey everyone!

Talk about a lack of updates! Nearly 2 months have gone by! Well, we have a new show that will be starting on Rockin WAVES on Mondays, he is known as “The Iceman” and he is well known in the country music scene and we are now bringing him to Rockin WAVES! So be sure to tune in on Mondays at 6 PM for Prime Time with The Iceman!

We are heading toward the holidays and many people are wondering if we have any special holiday programming. BOY DO WE!

For Halloween fast approaching, we are currently adding more spooky and halloween songs to the rotation and giving it more airplay.

For Thanksgiving, we don’t usually do any special holiday programming normally because we are usually spending it with friends and family, however, the Sunday before Thanksgiving (November 18th), we may air a couple of Thanksgiving specials on our iVlog channel (chrismaster1 in case yall haven’t checked it out yet) however, it is very tentative right now.

Then there’s our biggest time of year, Christmas. And as many of you may or may not know, we will be changing formats like we do every year to Holiday music. We affectionately call it, The Holiday of Rockin! Well, it is back again this year and with the change in the format means, if you play the station through Windows Media Player, iTunes or some other audio device (other then TuneIn or our other streaming services), then the ID number will change and if you have us saved on your computer, then you will need to get the new ID when we change formats because the ID will no longer work.

Basically, when we change formats, we get listed in a different directory on Shoutcast and we get assigned a new ID number. When we change back to our regular format, we get assigned another new ID number. So, that’s why if you have us saved to your computer so you can listen to us on Windows Media Player or whichever device you prefer, after the format change, you will need to reconfigure it.

Now you may be wondering, when will the change happen? Well, we are looking at the tentative date being November 23rd. Black Friday. However, that date could change so be on the lookout for any changes that may occur.

Then, New Years! December 31st is a Monday this year and New Years Day is a Tuesday (naturally). And, as always, we are planning to do a All Stereo Marathon broadcast that day featuring many different broadcasters and like always, it will be on Rockin WAVES this year. Be on the lookout when it’s closer to time for times and DJ’s that will be taking part in the All Stereo Marathon.

For people that are wondering what is the All Stereo Marathon. Basically, it is a bunch of broadcasters that get together and broadcast through one channel (video is heavily involved) and it is usually an all day event (sometimes we make it stretch to two days). Now we have All Stereo Marathons throughout the year but normally, I usually take the reigns for planning the New Year’s Show. Like I said, we will have a full list of broadcasters and times when we get closer.

Well, that about does it for the update! Thanks to everyone for listening and keep on Rockin!


We have a chatroom (again)

Hey everyone!

Well, we now have a new chatroom (again). It is through Ezcapechat and we have video streaming as well so you can chat with us and go on cam and stuff. It’s very very cool and so, we may be doing some shows through it possibly from time to time and you’ll see me pop in the chat from time to time. There are a couple of things that I noticed with it though so you may want to keep reading this post because it could save a lot of headaches.

If you want to go on cam, if you want to do it on rockinwaves.com YOU MUST USE FIREFOX since it is flash based, Google Chrome won’t work with it. The only way you can use Google Chrome to get on cam is if you go to the ezcapechat site itself. So, to use the cams on rockinwaves.com, you will need to use Firefox. Be sure and check it out and let us know what you think by leaving us feedback on either our Facebook or phone line at 443-971-1294.

That about does it right now update wise. Thanks for listening as always and keep on rockin!


Chat Room No More

After testing a few things and trying the chatroom to work in other browsers, I’ve decided to pull the Discord chat from the website since it was not working and it was flash (which they are discontinuing which I think is the most idiotic decision ever made). I want to thank Matthew Hallsted for helping me get the Discord chat set up and posted on the website. It was very helpful and I greatly appreciate his help.

Right now, we will not be having a chatroom on the website. However, there are ways you can still chat with us in real time on our shows. We have our Facebook page where some of the shows may post links to their own chatrooms, and some of us also have iVlog pages where you can chat with us AND SEE us!

Again, thanks to everyone to helped us test and set up the Discord chat. It was fun while it lasted!

In the meantime, we are still going strong with The Summer of Rockin’! Also, in about 2 weeks, we are excited to have a special guest on one of the shows! Who is it? You’ll have to tune in to find out! Keep watching this and our Facebook page for more info!

Keep on Rockin!

Post 10 Year Anniversary Update and SOR18!

Hello there!
Well, since the last post, we have celebrated our 10 year anniversary and boy was it amazing! It was so much fun seeing old friends, new friends, and we had an amazing turnout! It was better then I could ever have imagined it! Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting us and making the 10 Year Anniversary Show one to remember!

Now that May is here, we now turn our focus to the Summer of Rockin 2018! We have selected the kickoff date for the Summer of Rockin and it will all start on May 17th! (Mark your calendars!) It’s going to be a fun kickoff to Summer programming! And we can’t wait! It’s something we look forward to every year!

Well, that’s about all for right now. Not much else to update on. Hope everyone is having a great week and until next time, May the 4th be with you and Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Rockin WAVES Spring Break 2018 – Week 4 – SPRING BREAK WEEK!

It’s time once again for another Spring Break update and this is the PEAK WEEK! For Spring Break and Rockin WAVES is on Spring Break as well! We will be live a couple of afternoons this week for Spring Break and we hope you will join us! Here’s the following days and times that we will be live this week:

Tuesday: 1-4 PM (Naterade live show) (Audio Only)
Wednesday: 11 AM-5 PM (Rockin WAVES Spring Break Party) (Audio Only)
Thursday: 8:30 PM-Midnight (Chris After Dark: Spring Break Edition) (iVlog and Audio Only)
Friday: 10:00 PM-1 AM (Friday Night Renegade: Spring Break Edition & Anniversary Weekend Kickoff) (iVlog and Audio Only)
Also, we might be having some special live broadcasts at night that may not be listed or during the afternoon, if that occurs, we will do our best to notify you through our Facebook page! We will also be doing special Facebook Live events throughout this next week.

Also, we will have music on all day every day this week on rockinwaves.com so you can have your Spring Break Party music then as well. And you don’t have to be spring breaking in Panama City Beach, you can be Spring Breaking ANYWHERE and you can listen to Rockin WAVES! And now, how about we list the places on Spring Break this week and the offers for this week!

Spring Break Dates for March 17th thru March 24th
Post University
Sacred Heart University
United States Coast Guard Academy
Fairfield University

Wesley College

The University of Tampa
University of Central Florida
University of Miami
College of Central Florida
Daytona State College
Florida A&M University
Florida International University – University Park
Hillsborough Community College
North Florida Community College
Seminole State College of Florida
St. Petersburg College
Tallahassee Community College
University of West Florida

Morehouse College
Clark Atlanta University
Emory University
Morehouse College
Spelman College
Agnes Scott College
Atlanta Christian College
Middle Georgia State University
Georgia Gwinnett College
Armstrong Atlantic State University
Gainesville State College
College of Coastal Georgia
Wesleyan College
Mercer University

Saint Ambrose University
Waldorf College
Central College
Dordt College
Allen College
Emmaus Bible College
Cornell College
Northwestern College
Simpson College
Clarke College

Carl Sandburg College
Illinois State University
Millikin University
Rock Valley College
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Southwestern Illinois College
Wheaton College
McKendree University
Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing
Eureka College
Greenville College
Illinois Wesleyan University
North Park University
Principia College
Quincy University
Trinity Christian College
University of Saint Francis
Judson University
MacMurray College

Purdue University Calumet
Saint Mary’s College
Ball State University
Marian College
University of Southern Indiana
Anderson University
Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College
School of Technology at Anderson/Muncie
School of Technology at Columbus/Greensburg
School of Technology at Indianapolis
School of Technology at Kokomo
School of Technology at New Albany
School of Technology at Richmond
College of Technology at South Bend/Elkhart
University of Saint Francis
Indiana University-East
University of Southern Indiana

Eastern Kentucky University
University of Kentucky
University of Louisville
Western Kentucky University
Asbury College
Berea College
Georgetown College
Kentucky Christian University
Kentucky Mountain Bible College
Kentucky Wesleyan College
Lindsey Wilson College
Murray State University
Spalding University
Transylvania University
Union College
University of the Cumberlands
Brescia University
Northern Kentucky University

Assumption College
Bentley College
Bridgewater State College
Curry College
Dean College
Fitchburg State College
Gordon College
Salem State College
Suffolk University
Wentworth Institute of Technology
Westfield State College
Wheaton College
Lesley University
New England College of Optometry
Bay Path College
Becker College
Boston Conservatory
Boston University
Fisher College
Lasell College
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
Medical School at Worcester
American International College
Emmanuel College
Simmons College
Anna Maria College
Massachusetts College of Art
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
Wheelock College
Massachusetts School of Law
Mount Ida College
Pine Manor College

Albion College
Ferris State University
Northwood University
Wayne State University
Lawrence Technological University
Olivet College
Spring Arbor University
Kendall College of Art & Design
Michigan Technological University
Michigan State University
University of Michigan Dearborn
Western Michigan University
Lansing C.C
Siena Heights University
Central Michigan University
Grand Valley State University

Saint Cloud State University
Winona State University
College of Saint Scholastica
Dunwoody College of Technology
Bemidji State University
Minnesota State University, Mankato
North Central University
Northwestern College
Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota
Bethel University & Seminary
Alfred Adler Institute
U of Minn Duluth

Missouri State University
Saint Louis University
Truman State University
Washington University in Saint Louis
Aquinas Institute of Theology
Avila University
Webster University
Baptist Bible College
Central Methodist University
Missouri Valley College
Park University
Saint Luke’s College
William Woods University

University of Mississippi
University of Southern Mississippi

Western Carolina University
North Carolina State University
East Carolina University
Fayetteville State University
Wingate University
Belmont Abbey College
Meredith College
Lenoir-Rhyne University
Methodist University
UNC Greensboro
Wake Forest University
Greensboro College
Johnson C. Smith University
Lees-McRae College
Pfeiffer University
Saint Augustine’s College
Winston-Salem State University
Chowan College
Mars Hill College
Montreat College
Shaw University
UNC Wilmington

Bloomfield College
Georgian Court College
Fairleigh Dickinson University
Kean University
Montclair State University
New Jersey Institute of Technology
The College of New Jersey
Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Union County College
New Jersey City University
Saint Peter’s College
Stevens Institute of Technology
College of Saint Elizabeth
Princeton University

SUNY College of Technology at Canton
Syracuse University
Alfred University
Cazenovia College
Colgate University
Genesee Community College
Iona College
Ithaca College
Nazareth College
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Russell Sage College
Skidmore College
Saint Lawrence University
The Sage Colleges
University of Rochester
Vassar College
Wells College
Canisius College
Daemen College
Fordham University
Hilbert College
Laboratory Institute of Merchandising
LIU Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
LIU C.W. Post Campus
LIU Rockland Graduate Campus
Nyack College
Paul Smith’s College
Polytechnic University of New York
Pratt Institute
SUNY College at Cortland
SUNY College of Agriculture & Technology at Cobleskill
SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry
The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science & Art
The Jewish Theological Seminary of America
Union Theological Seminary
The Juilliard School
Saint Francis College
Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome

Bowling Green State University
Case Western Reserve University
Miami University
Mount Union College
Ohio Northern University
Ohio University
Ohio Wesleyan University
The College of Wooster
Youngstown State University
Cleveland Institute of Art
Defiance College
Art Academy of Cincinnati
Ashland University
Cleveland Institute of Music
Lake Erie College
Marietta College
Ohio Christian University
Ohio Dominican University
Franciscan University of Steubenville
University of Rio Grande
Ursuline College

University Park (main campus) Penn State
Albright College
Bryn Mawr College
Gettysburg College
Juniata College
Lehigh University
Swarthmore College
Arcadia University
Baptist Bible College
Keystone College
Lancaster Bible College
Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania
Lycoming College
Philadelphia Biblical University
Thiel College
Wilson College
Chatham College
Pennsylvania College of Technology
University of the Arts
University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
Waynesburg College

Rhode Island College

Hood College
Saint Mary’s College of Maryland
United States Naval Academy
Washington College

Saint Joseph’s College
Husson College

University of Central Oklahoma

USC Spartanburg
Winthrop University
Anderson University
Charleston Southern University
Claflin University
Coastal Carolina University
Medical University of South Carolina
South Carolina State University
Voorhees College
Benedict College
USC Beaufort
USC Sumter
USC Union
USC Upstate

Middle Tennessee State University
Austin Peay State University
University of Memphis
Memphis College of Art
Rhodes College
Aquinas College
King College
Bryan College
East Tennessee State University
Milligan College
Tennessee State University
Tennessee Technological University
LeMoyne-Owen College

Baylor University

Old Dominion University
Virginia Commonwealth University
James Madison University
Norfolk State University
Bridgewater College
George Mason University
Hampton University
Radford University
Sweet Briar College
University of Virginia
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Washington & Lee University
Liberty University
Virginia Intermont College
Shenandoah University
University of Virginia’s College at Wise
Saint Paul’s College
Virginia Military Institute
Randolph College
University of Richmond

Saint Michael’s College
Vermont Law School
Norwich University
Sterling College

Beloit College
Marquette University
Edgewood College
Lakeland College
Marian University
Ripon College
Saint Norbert College
Wisconsin Lutheran College
Mount Mary College

Harding University

Arizona State University
The University Of Arizona

Creighton University

MidAmerica Nazarene College
Ottawa University
Sterling College
University of Saint Mary
University of Kansas City

Keene State College
University of New Hampshire
Antioch New England
Chester College of New England
Daniel Webster College
New England College
University of New Hampshire at Manchester

Fairmont State University
Shepherd University
University of Charleston
Glenville State College
Mountain State University
Concord University
Ohio Valley College
West Liberty State College

American University
Howard University

Concordia University-NE
Creighton University
Dordt College

Spring Break Events the week of March 10th thru March 17th in Panama City Beach, Florida

The Panamaniac VIP Club Card
The Panamaniac VIP Club Card gives you access to the biggest concerts, clubs and events and saves you big money in the process. Buy the 2018 PANAMANIC CARD and get FREE CLUB ACCESS, FREE DRINKS, FREE EXCLUSIVE EVENTS as well as other GREAT DISCOUNTS ON FOOD & ATTRACTIONS.
Benefits of having a Panamaniac VIP Club Card:
– Party with thousands of students at the hottest bars & the biggest parties
– FREE cover charges ALL NIGHT at the most popular Spring Break beach clubs ($300 value)
– Complimentary Beverages during select times ($300 value)
– FREE Beach Bash Music Fest Concert ($30 value)
– FREE cover charge to Hammerhead Fred’s famous “Glow Paint Party”! ($30 value)
– FREE cover charge to Hammerhead Fred’s famous Wet & Wild Foam Party ($30 value)
– Huge discounts at Panama’s BEST restaurants & stores (Save big $$)
– Card is valid for everyone 18 years old and older. (You must be 21 to consume alcohol)

Wet and Wild Foam Party
Wanna get WET & WILD and party in the largest foam pit in the USA? Be a part of the action this Spring Break at Hammerhead Fred’s! Every Thursday, 5000 square feet of thick wet foam spills onto thousands of students from across the country in what has become the biggest foam party in the USA! This week, it will be happening March 22nd. To purchase tickets, click here.

Glow Paint Party
The most thrilling Spring Break party you will EVER experience. The Spring Break Glow Paint Party at Hammerhead Fred’s is a must do Spring Break event. Top electronic DJ’s from around the world, gallons of neon paint, beautiful people, awesome special effects and 5000 of your closest friends make this one of the most memorable Spring Break parties yet! This party happens every Friday in March and April in Panama City Beach Florida. Reserve your discount tickets early as this party SELLS OUT EVERY TIME! This week the glow party will be happening on March 23rd. To buy tickets, click here.

Panamaniac Night
Got Panamaniac? Panamaniac Club Card member nights at Spinnaker include FREE COVER from 7pm-11pm and FREE BEER from 7pm-9pm every Saturday, Wednesday and Friday during March, 2018. Check out Spinnaker’s website here

Coyote Ugly Saloon
Make Coyote Ugly PCB your Spring Break Headquarters! We have free beer 7-9pm every day during Spring Break! Open until 2am in March, 4am starting in April. Check out their website here

All event information is from the Panama City Beach Spring Break website and the Panamaniac Card Website

That does it for the Spring Break Calendar this week. To see more events and to check out other events and hotels around the Panama City Beach area, Click here!

Have fun at Spring Break and remember to take Rockin WAVES 11294 with you! If you are at Spring Break this year, take some pics and share them with us!