The Summer of Rockin 2016

Well, it’s time for another summer of great music, fun, and memorable moments! It’s the Summer of Rockin 2016! This year, we are back bigger and better then ever! Basically, last year, 2015, I didn’t feel the Summer of Rockin’ was any different then any other time of the year. Mainly due to my then work environment. Same for 2014. But this year, in my new work environment, I now feel more relaxed and I feel now, I can bring you more shows and more fun then last year! Basically, some new shows are going to be added to the lineup, however, it may change from week to week due to work schedules so the shows that will be like that will have (*) out beside it. Anyways, below is the official schedule for the Summer of Rockin!

4 PM – 6 PM – The Retro Show
6 PM – 7 PM – Voyage Through The 60s
7 PM – 9 PM – Rob’s Time Machine
9 PM – Midnight – AT40 Time Machine

2 PM – 5 PM – Wipeout Mondays *
7 PM – 9 PM – The Retro Show

2 PM – 5 PM – Rolling Your Bod Tuesdays *
8 PM – 9 PM – Voyage Through The 60s
9 PM – 11 PM – Flashback Killer 90s
11 PM – Midnight – Adventure Time Guys

2 PM – 4 PM – The Renegade Show

3 PM – 5 PM – The Badlands Combat Sports Radio Show
5 PM – 11 PM – Rockin WAVES SOR Music
11 PM – 11:45 PM – Adventure Time Guys
11:45 PM – ? – Chris After Dark

2 PM – 5 PM – The Classic Chris Rogers Friday Show *
9 PM – 1 AM – DJ Aaron Radio LIVE

12 PM – 2 PM – The Drive Home With Derek Stark
2 PM – 5:30 PM – The Flagship Chris Rogers Show
5:30 PM – 8:00 PM – The Rossome After Show

Now, you might be wondering when the beach will be reopening? Well, this year, the beach will be reopening May 14th 🙂 Along with a special extended edition of the Flagship! Hope yall tune in May 14th at 2 PM! The Beach Reopens!

April Rockin WAVES Update

Hey everyone! Wow, been a couple of months since an update so a few things to update you guys on.

We recently celebrated 8 years on the air and all I can say is WOW we had a great turnout for the show and I am extremely greatful to everyone that came and attended. It was a great time 🙂

About a month ago, we finally finished readding all the songs to the audio only server and we are updating it weekly by adding in more songs to the system. We currently have about 4200 songs in our library and it is growing constantly.

With the anniversary show done, focus now turns to The Summer of Rockin 2016! That’s right, the 9th Summer of Rockin’ is upon us and the beach is getting ready to reopen! We are getting ready to get show ideas put together and some more programming will be happening in the weeks to come. No official schedule as of yet but we will get that posted as soon as we can.

A few months ago, we took down the IRC chat on the audio only section of the website. We currently have another chatroom available and up on the audio only section of the website. This way if iVlog borks the bork, we will have a backup to use.

Well, that about does it for the updates. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us! More things to come! Summer is not that far away 🙂


New Shows and More!

Wow! We are two and a half months into the new year and already, this is proving to be a bigger year than the last! We have two shows added to the schedule and one is a show that you know a lot about already but the other show we are adding to our Time Machine lineup and there are quite a few changes and updates that I will get into in this post.

We have added The Renegade Show to our weekly lineup every Wednesday at 2 PM! The old FNR show that you remember is back, reworked and better then ever! 2 great hours of fun and music with The Renegade Show!

Starting February 28th, we will be airing a show from a guy named DJ Mike called The Retro Show. Each week, DJ Mike will be playing songs from the 80s and 90s for 2 hours each Sunday and Monday. Sundays he will be on at 4 PM and then again Monday at 7 PM. Hope you tune in for it!

With all the Retro/Time Machine shows on Rockin WAVES on Sundays, we have decided to make it a special block called The Rockin WAVES 11294 Time Machine Sundays. Each Sunday, you get your fill of nostalgia and great music as well!

We have switched server hosts for the website and Audio only. This change was needed because of a few things we wanted to try with the site and audio only and we couldn’t with the current server host.

If you noticed when you listened to the audio only, you haven’t heard The Beach Boys, The Beatles, ZZ Top and you have been hearing some of the same songs over and over. Well, we are aware of that. The reason for that is because we are re-cataloging (if that’s even a word) our music library so I know that sometimes the songs can be a little repetitive but trust me, in the long run, it will be much better and better sounding and have a more variety of music.

Well, that about does it for this update. Thanks to everyone who has been bearing with us and keep on rockin folks!

New Year, New Stuff!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know that if you saw a post earlier last week about a server move and then the post gone, well, that’s because we moved servers. Now, there is no need for alarm. The bookmarks and the audio only still works and everything is still working 🙂

Thanks for patience and bearing with us this past week. We are extremely greatful that the move was successful and we had no problems 🙂

The audio only music is back on the air and ready for yall to tune in! Have fun and keep on rockin everyone!


The Badlands Combat Sports Radio Show RETURNS!

The Badlands Combat Sports Radio Show first started on the Philmore Productions Voicemail system on October 27, 2008 and was available at +1 (773) 572-7878. I would have a guest on the show as we would talk about current events in boxing, kickboxing, M.M.A., and all other unarmed hand-to-hand combat sports. At that time the show was titled The Octagon. On July 24, 2009 the show moved to My TeleSpace. On September 23, 2011 the show expanded to Blog Talk Radio as an internet podcast as well as being heard by calling the telephone hotline. On December 20, 2013 the name of the show was changed from the Octagon to the Badlands Combat Sports Radio Show. In 2015 I enrolled with American Broadcasting. After continuously having problems with Blog Talk Radio, I decided to no longer broadcast with them. I also decided that after seven years of running the show, I needed a break and took a hiatus for two months. I’m returning on Thursday, December 3, 2015 and the show can be heard on Rockin’ WAVES 11294 ( every Thursday at 3:00 PM Eastern/12:00 PM (live broadcast times my change). You can easily access Rockin’ WAVES on your smart phone or tablet with the TuneIn app. You can also hear archived shows by going to or by calling +1 (832) 999-8125. My official website is still and you can expect changes to come to that as well. Upcoming fighter interviews include Micol De Segni from Italy, U.F.C. veterans, Guy Mezger, Cal Worsham, and Patrick Smith, and much more. I’m excited to be back with this new platform. Thanks for listening.

Bad Billy

as told to Chris Master.The Badlands Combat Sports Radio Show 2

New Things Coming!

WOW! What a past few months! Things have been a little hectic here at Rockin WAVES 11294! Here’s some of the things that are coming up:

We have just started playing a new show on Sunday evenings including American Top 40 Time Machine and Rob’s Time Machine!

Rob Randall is a great guy that will be bringing you awesome music Sunday evenings! He plays music from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s!

Also, we are replaying old episodes of American Top 40! Each Sunday night after Rob’s Time Machine.

In addition to all that, we will be launching the Holiday of Rockin hopefully on November 28th if all goes well. We will be playing mainly Christmas music but we might throw in some non-Christmas tunes as well. It all depends on how things go.

In the meantime, thanks to everyone who has been listening to the audio only feed and keep on rockin!

New DJ’s this Fall!

WOW! We have been adding more shows to the lineup as of late and let me just say it has been awesome! We have not one, not two, not three but FOUR NEW DJ’S ADDED TO THE LINEUP! And we have 3 or 4 more that we are in talks with 🙂 Here’s a little list of the newly added DJ’s we have added to the lineup:

DJ Dave Thunda: From Canada, DJ Dave knows how to rock out and he always provides great music to help you get through your Wednesday evening. He is on every Wednesday from 7 PM until 10 PM Eastern on both the Audio and Video feeds.

DJ Rich: From Ace Radio, Rich provides an interesting mix of Rock and Top 40 music. Very interesting show every Thursday night from 6 PM until 8 PM. His show is available on the Audio Only feed.

DJ Aaron Radio: Aaron simulcasted his show on here once before and he’s back again to do it again! Great guy who has a great show every Friday night. He can be heard on the audio only feed from 10 PM until 1 AM Eastern.

Derek Stark: Our newest DJ on the Rockin WAVES team. He’s a great guy who is one of my classmates in Broadcasting school and who is a great guy all around. You can hear him right before my flagship show every Saturday from Noon until 2 PM on both the Audio and Video feeds.

Well, that about wraps it up for our newest DJ’s. Like I said we still have a few more people that we are in talks with about getting a show on the schedule for them. Again, if you are interested in doing a show on Rockin WAVES, let me know!

2 New Shows!!

Wow! Ever since I put the announcement out on Facebook that told people if they were interested in doing shows to let me know, the response has been awesome so far. We have 2 new shows CONFIRMED a go on Rockin WAVES. One of them is a guy that you may remember DJ’d for us for a short time back in 2013. His name is DJAaron, and well, he is now returning to Rockin WAVES!

Every Friday night you will be able to hear DJAaron LIVE on the Audio Only section of our website! He will be on from 10 PM until 2 AM each Friday night!

Then, every Thursday, you get your rock on with DJ Rich! It’s The Rock Fix with DJ Rich every Thursday at 6 PM. 2 FULL HOURS OF PURE ROCK!

We are also looking for more shows to add to the lineup! If you want to have a show on Rockin WAVES, email me at and we’ll get you started! Thanks for listening and as always, KEEP ON ROCKIN!

Big Announcement!!

WOW! What a difference a few days make! Well, lots of things happening here at Rockin WAVES 11294!

Well, for one, ever since we launched the Audio Only feed, we have been getting requests for us to make it to where Android users and other phone users can listen on TuneIn without needing a custom URL, well we have that now, if you search “Rockin WAVES” in TuneIn, we are now listed and you can listen to us thru TuneIn when the Audio Only is live 🙂

Also, the launch of the Summer of Rockin is being moved, to next Saturday (May 9th). I know! I’m crazy. But, figured people have been asking if there is a way to reopen the beach any sooner and I decided, ok, next Saturday it is. So next Saturday, Rockin WAVES 11294’s Summer of Rockin 2015 will officially kickoff! Hope to see yall there!

That does it for the update. More to come!