The Summer of Rockin Update!

Well as you can probably tell, there is no Wednesday show. Why? Well, my boss decided to change up my days off. AGAIN. So, for right now, my show will be Monday and Thursdays for right now. It might change again next week. Anyways, we are 9 days into the Summer of Rockin and WOW what a 9 days it has been so far! We’ve been having alot of people drop by our new website (which was officially launched out of BETA 9 days ago) and we’ve been having great success with it.

Oh by the way, about the BETA thing, when we launched our website (Back in early April) we were in BETA mode and adding new things and testing new things and we didn’t have our own domain yet. When we launched the Summer of Rockin, we were able to buy our own domain name and redirect everything to here and we’ve found great success thus far. So, thanks to everyone so far for their support!

When I started Rockin WAVES 11294 back in March of 2008, I never in a million years thought it would be like this 🙂 This is basically my dream times a billion and I am so happy 🙂 I never thought we would have multiple DJ’s on our airwaves and I never thought we would have our own website, AND I would have never thought we would have lots of viewers at every show!

There are a lot of people I want to thank for helping us get to this point but I am afraid if I list the names, I would leave someone out so here’s what I’ll do, I’ll just say: THANK YOU.

Ok enough of the gooey crap. LOL. Anyways, expect more to come throughout the weeks and months as we still have 3 and a half months left of fun in the sun here on the beach overlooking the Musical Ocean! The Summer of Rockin 2013 is in FULL FORCE!!

Keep on Rockin!

Now Supporting Facebook!

Hello, this is gppl (Gabe). I am making this blog post to announce that the Rockin’ Waves website now supports Facebook integration! This and future blog posts will now have a “Like” button and a comments box, which can be accessed through clicking on the post’s title and logging into your facebook account. (This is actually mostly a test)

Today’s program

Today’s program went very well! We had a lot of fun in today’s show and it was the first official FULL  show that we did on our website. We got an overall good response on it and people loved the Request form so it looks like we are off to a good start 🙂 Hope to see everyone again on the next show!