The Holiday of Rockin’ 2018

It’s the biggest time of year for Rockin WAVES and the holidays are officially here! All the DJ’s here at Rockin WAVES usually have the most fun during the holidays and it really comes out during the shows! To help celebrate the holiday season, we are going to be airing some classic holiday specials on the iVlog channel. Call it a Rockin WAVES Christmas Theatre if you will. Below are the dates when you can catch the Christmas specials and what we will be showing. Each week it will be an hour long so be sure to tune in! The start time is 8 PM and here is what we will be showing!

December 4th: WKRP in Cincinnati (Christmas Episode), A Garfield Christmas
December 11th: WKRP in Cincinnati (Christmas Episode), A Charlie Brown Christmas
December 18th: Mickey’s Christmas Carol

All those shows (with the exception of WKRP In Cincinnati) I taped myself back in the 90s so it will be a real treat to go back in time to the 90s and relive some of the classic shows and commercials with it!

Also, we have changed formats to Holiday on the Shoutcast which means if you are listening to us on Winamp or other devices, you may need to redownload the links to the player info on our listen live page. If the info you previously downloaded still works, then your good to go!

Thank you very much for listening in! We are looking forward to Christmas this year and we hope you are too! More to come during the holiday season with special shows and everything else! In the meantime, Keep on Rockin!


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