Here you can find links to our Twitter and YouTube pages as well as some other sites of interest:

If you want to watch us, just go to our iVlog page and you can watch us on the air while we do our show! Not all the shows are available there so safe bet would be to check the Audio Only feed here first. We aren’t able to embed video from iVlog here yet but they are in development of it. Hopefully soon, we will be able to have video back here on the website!

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DJ’s YouTube:

Bad Billy

Miscellaneous links:
Outlaw Radio Controversy At It’s Best! This show features Chris Master, Bad Billy and Derek Stark, 3 ABS Graduates who get together every Saturday night and do Outlaw Radio where basically we talk about anything our heart desires and it’s unfiltered and UNCENSORED!
The Music Request System Want to make a request? Well, in addition to our Google Forms request and the phone line, we also have a system where you can choose specifically which song you want to request! (Only available during Chris Master’s shows)