Show requirements

Interested in doing a show? Or do you have a syndicated show that you want Rockin WAVES to start airing? Well, we are looking for shows to air on the network! We do ask the following though in order to be considered:


* Denotes that it’s a requirement
* You must be at least 18-years-old.
* Must be on time and ready to go for your show each week.
* Have a good internet connection (We will ask you to do a Speed Test prior to starting)
* Have a good sound quality and good working equipment (that does not mean holding your microphone close to your speaker or using a cheap 10 dollar headset)
* Provide an air check of what you sound like on the air.
* Electronically sign the Rockin WAVES DJ Contract

Once you send in your aircheck, we ask that you give us some time to get back to you. There are times when things get very busy and it may take a bit to listen and get back in touch with you. It may take us anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. But I can assure you, we read every e-mail and we listen to each demo that is sent to us, and we get back in touch with all show requests.


* Denotes that it’s a requirement
* You must be at least 18-years-old.
* Be able to provide a demo of what your show sounds like and what you sound like.
* Show must be ready for either download or emailed at least 48 hours prior to showtime each week.
* If you are unable to get a show out that week, please let me know ASAP so I can have a rerun ready.
– Electronically sign the Rockin WAVES DJ Contract.

People who are doing live shows get priority of showtimes. If they want to do a show and it conflicts with a syndicated show already scheduled, we will try and work with both shows to make sure everybody is happy with the outcome.

Also, syndicated shows WILL NOT AIR WEEKDAY MORNINGS OR OVERNIGHT. Only on weekends will we air syndicated programming in the morning or overnight. If you want your show to air on a weekday morning or overnight on a weekday, do it live.

Click Here to submit your show idea!

NOTE: Please be patient when submitting a show. Things get busy at times and it may take us a bit to get back to you.