Music requirements

We are a big supporter of independent artists and musicians! We enjoy giving them a place to showcase their talents! Every week, we get dozens of songs and we play each and every song on Chris and Mary After Dark. A live show that airs every Thursday night at 8:30 PM. What we do is play the song and we also let our listeners “vote” on each song. Most of the time (I’d say 98%) it gets voted up. But there are those songs that get voted down.

If you would like to send us your music, we ask that you:

– Send all music in MP3 format ONLY.
– Lyrics are clean. Even though we are an internet station, there are times when younger people listen, so if you have a radio edit of a song, we would prefer that. But it’s not required.
– If we do decide to air your music, we will try and get in touch with you to let you know when we will air it.
– When you do send your music to us, please be patient. Each week we get lots of music and sometimes, it takes a bit to go through and listen to all the music (we truly do listen to everything!) we get in every week. Each song will get played live on air at some point.
– 99% of the music that gets sent, gets played. The 1% that doesn’t get played is if we heard the artist before and didn’t care too much for the music or the listeners didn’t care much for the music.

PLEASE NOTE that we get a large amount of music every day. It will take a bit to get to playing your song. Right now (as of November 2023), we are at a 3 month wait. However, if it’s a time sensitive song (e.g. Christmas, Halloween) we will try and play it during the appropriate holiday season.

Click Here to send us your music!