The Rockin WAVES 11294 Schedule!


3 AM – 6 AM: Outlaw Radio – Join Bad Billy as he brings you not only a great variety of music, but also interview up and coming musicians and talk about current events whether it’s political issues, religious, issues, the stupidity of racism, or any other issue. SHOW CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT. LISTENER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

8 AM – 9 AM: Christian Music Spotlight – Join Brian as he brings you the latest in Christian music!

9 AM – 11 AM: Sunday Morning Gospel – 2 hours of additional Christian music for your Sunday morning!

11 AM – 2 PM: The DJ Parker Show – An ABS alumni who brought his show to Rockin WAVES! Listen in and check it out!

2 PM – 4 PM: The Mike Ward Radio Show – Another ABS alumni who is now making a big splash on Rockin WAVES! Join Mike Ward as he brings you 2 hours of great music!

4 PM – 6 PM: One Nostalgic Weekend – Go back in time to the Golden Era of Radio with classic radio shows from yesterday!

6 PM – 7 PM: Old Time Radio Theater – Hear how the Golden Age of radio sounded! Old time radio shows from the 30s, 40s and 50s!

7 PM – 9 PM: Dan Sweeney’s One Hit Wonders (2 Episodes) – Tune in as Dan showcases the forgotten “one and done” USA Top 40 hits! You’ll hear the unique stories for over 2200 one hit wonders artists and songs including “where are they now” updates. Along with trivia, one hit wonder interviews, jingles, and movie & pop culture news from the showcased years!

9 PM – 1 AM: AT40 Time Machine – Go back in time to the 70s and 80s as we replay classic episodes of American Top 40 with your host Casey Kasem!


5 PM – 7:00 PM: The 60s Superhighway – All 60s music to help you get home from a busy day at work!


5 PM – 8 PM: The 60s Superhighway – All 60s music to help you get home from a busy day at work!

8 PM – 9 PM: Voyage Through The Decades – An hour of music from a specific year or decade in the past.

9 PM – 11 PM: Flashback Killer 90’s – 2 hours of totally rad music from the 90s!

11 PM – 1 AM: The Best of Adventure Time Guys – Two friends get together to bring you the latest in the world of Adventure Time.


5 PM – 7 PM: Hippie Happenings – Join Natalie Rae as she brings you great music and gives you your hippie fix every week!

7 PM – 9 PM: The Charles Richardson Show – Each week Charles Richardson takes talk radio to the edge. Nothing is out of bounds. Current events, Sports, or just general humor….you never know what to expect week to week.

9 PM – 12 AM: The Kirby Krazy Radio Show – A popular show on iVlog now is aired weekly LIVE on Rockin WAVES!


8:30 PM – 11:00 PM: Chris After Dark – The Flagship show has been renamed to Chris After Dark! It’s still the classic flagship you all know and love, just a different name is all!


5 PM – 7 PM: The 60s Superhighway – All 60s music to help you get home from a busy day at work!

7 PM – 9 PM: The Drive Home with Derek Stark – One of the co-hosts from Outlaw Radio and a graduate from American Broadcasting School is now doing his show on Rockin WAVES 11294! Listen in as he brings you 2 hours of great music and fun!

9 PM – 10 PM: DJ Abbey’s Radio Takeover – For one hour, Abbey takes over the airwaves for fun, music, and discussion. Come listen in!

10 PM – 1 AM: The Renegade Show – That’s right, the show that you have come to know and love is back!


12 PM – 2:30 PM: Retro 80s Weekend – Dean Fettes brings you 3 hours of fun, humor, and an unprecedented look at some of the often-overlooked parts of the “decade of decadence”.

3 PM – 5 PM: Pat Gwinn At The Beach – Great beach music brought to you by Pat Gwinn as he brings the beach to you, 2 hours each week!

*Times are subject to change within a few minutes notice. Also, some shows may happen that are unscheduled but as always if that does happen, we will let you know!
***Some shows may contain content that may not be suitable for all ages. Listener discretion is advised.