2 New Shows!!

Wow! Ever since I put the announcement out on Facebook that told people if they were interested in doing shows to let me know, the response has been awesome so far. We have 2 new shows CONFIRMED a go on Rockin WAVES. One of them is a guy that you may remember DJ’d for us for a short time back in 2013. His name is DJAaron, and well, he is now returning to Rockin WAVES!

Every Friday night you will be able to hear DJAaron LIVE on the Audio Only section of our website! He will be on from 10 PM until 2 AM each Friday night!

Then, every Thursday, you get your rock on with DJ Rich! It’s The Rock Fix with DJ Rich every Thursday at 6 PM. 2 FULL HOURS OF PURE ROCK!

We are also looking for more shows to add to the lineup! If you want to have a show on Rockin WAVES, email me at chris@rockinwaves.com and we’ll get you started! Thanks for listening and as always, KEEP ON ROCKIN!

Big Announcement!!

WOW! What a difference a few days make! Well, lots of things happening here at Rockin WAVES 11294!

Well, for one, ever since we launched the Audio Only feed, we have been getting requests for us to make it to where Android users and other phone users can listen on TuneIn without needing a custom URL, well we have that now, if you search “Rockin WAVES” in TuneIn, we are now listed and you can listen to us thru TuneIn when the Audio Only is live :)

Also, the launch of the Summer of Rockin is being moved, to next Saturday (May 9th). I know! I’m crazy. But, figured people have been asking if there is a way to reopen the beach any sooner and I decided, ok, next Saturday it is. So next Saturday, Rockin WAVES 11294′s Summer of Rockin 2015 will officially kickoff! Hope to see yall there!

That does it for the update. More to come!

Show Schedule Updates (And Other General Stuff)

Happy April everyone! Well, what a wild past 4 weeks it has been! I guess I should start with some of the obvious questions, I GOT MY COMPUTER BACK! That’s right finally got it back this past weekend and I have been friviously working to get the Audio only feed back up and running and I am happy to say that aside from a couple of bugs I still need to fix with some of the scripts, the audio only feed is ready to go and I am looking at tentatively relaunching it this coming weekend (April 18th) if all goes according to plan.

Also, I am happy to announce that the Flagship Show is returning this weekend and for the next 4 weeks, to make up for not being able to do the Flagship, I will be EXTENDING the show to 6 hours for the next four weeks! Start time will be 12 PM Eastern and will go until around 6 PM Eastern.

Couple of other things going on:
Yes it’s that time again to start planning the SOR2015! I know that last year wasn’t like previous SOR’s and I apologize. This year, the shows will be changing a little (not much but a little) some of those changes include:

Chris After Dark – The Chris After Dark show will be taking the summer off. I know shocker right? The main reason for that is because I noticed by going back through some of the past shows, that while I like the Chris After Dark name, I would kind of like to have a dedicated name for the Summer shows and the other time of the year shows. So, Chris After Dark will be taking the summer off and instead we’ll be bringing back NIGHTS ON THE BEACH which will sort of be like Chris After Dark just a different name and maybe a couple of other different features as well.

The Flagship Chris Rogers Show – The Flagship show will relatively remain the same except we will be adding a 4th hour to it and will be starting at 1 PM Eastern instead of at 2 PM.

Launch date, hmm, how about we start this party, Saturday, May 16th? Sound good? Awesome!

So, barring any changes, the beach will REOPEN on May 16th at 1 PM in a special all day kickoff celebration!

Well, that will just about do it for right now. Thanks to everyone for hanging in there! It’s greatly appreciated! Keep with us as we get everything back in order and working again and as always, KEEP ON ROCKIN!

Rockin WAVES 11294 Audio Only OFFLINE

Hey everyone, as you may have noticed, if you tried clicking the play button on the Audio Only player, it hasn’t been working. We are well aware of that. You also may notice that I haven’t been live as often the past week or so. I’ve been meaning to make a post about it and just now had enough time to sit down and post. So, might as well bring everyone up to date.

First off, I’m alive and well LOL. Don’t worry I’m not dead! Let’s go back to March 13th/14th. I came home from work and found that the computer was on the login screen. Now this was weird because normally I leave myself logged in. I figured, maybe it had automatic updates and I didn’t get back in time to delay it no big deal. Ok, went about my business.

Monday night/Tuesday morning (March 16th/17th) I come home from work and my computer is on a black screen saying “Can’t boot into disk” or something like that. I basically said oh crap and figured my desktop is about to dump epically. I was able to get everything loaded back up and I decided ok, going to defragment it and do a Disk Check. I tried to defragment, and I got a blue screen of death. I said ok no more defragmenting just going to do a Disc Check and Fix. I started that and let it go while I went to sleep.

Everything went alright with that. Tuesday morning, I went to Best Buy and bought a 3 TB External Hard Drive and backed up all my important files to the Hard drive so I have all my music, pics, videos, documents, etc. It took me a while to even get my computer booted into windows because everytime it would try to boot into Windows, it would Blue screen on me. Finally I got all my stuff saved to the hard drive and I shut it down afterwards and left it off so my Dad could take a look at it.

This past Saturday, my Dad tried to boot it up and it wouldn’t boot into Windows. It would just stay on the Windows screen. So my Dad ran some diagnostics and did a Hard Drive check. The hard drive failed the tests and we found that it was the hard drive. So, my Dad did some research and found that my desktop was still under warranty and HP has sent us a shipping box and we will be shipping it to HP and they will keep it for a few days and either fix the hard drive that is in it or replace it.

Now that brings me to the current situation. Let me just say, I am continuing to do shows but it’s not under normal schedule. I’m currently using my laptop, a CD player and a turntable to play music and that will be fine for me right now. I use the CD player and the turntable for music and the laptop just to stream.

Once I get my desktop back, it will take a little bit to get everything back to normal because I will need to load everything onto it, then reinstall programs and then get everything configured. The audio only stream will probably return to just being Daytime operation and be turned off at night when I get home from work or after I do a live show. I hate to be like that but that’s just how it’s got to be.

I’m predicting that I may have my computer back and ready to be reset up by around April 20th maybe and then it will probably be ready for me to load stuff on it around April 27th. I know that it’s a while but it’s just an approximate not a definite I could be wrong and I get it back quicker, I don’t know yet.

I know people are thinking what about the Rockin WAVES Anniversary? I got it all planned.

We will be doing a Mini Celebration TONIGHT (March 25th/26th) beginning at 12:45 AM Eastern with a special Chris After Dark and then again on March 26th/27th (Thursday night/Friday morning) with the weekly Chris After Dark. I will be remembering some moments from the past 7 years and I will try my absolute best to bring you the best show I possibly can.

Right now, I am hoping that everything will be back to normal around May 1st if not earlier.

Now, for the shows. There will be some changes to programming until everything returns to normal.

- The Flagship shows are canceled for right now and will be made up at later dates.
- Chris After Dark will keep going as usual
- The Friday Night Renegade Show will NOT air this week but will return April 3rd as usual.

There we go. That’s about all I can think of at the moment. Again, thanks to everyone that has beared with me over the past couple of weeks and please continue to bear with me. Once I get everything back to normal, we will celebrate 7 years on the air the RIGHT way :) Stay tuned for details and the Summer of Rockin is right around the corner!

In the meantime, keep on rockin!

February 2015

Well everyone! As I’m writing this, the audio only feed is playing Everyday People by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts :) EPIC!

Well, right now, with us leaving Ustream, we are not streaming on any site that has an embedding feature. iVlog sadly doesn’t allow embedding the player yet so the best way to WATCH will be to go to iVlog. BUT if you want to listen to the 24/7 audio only feed, we have that going here on Rockin WAVES.

Some small changes here on the site. We have removed the Ustream Feed tab and replaced it with a request line feature so if you want to make a request on the request line, you may do so.

In the meantime, thanks for listening and keep on rockin!

Happy New Year Rockin WAVES!

We are in 2015! Where’s my hoverboard? Well, anyways, here we are 2015! Everything right now is doing alright we have some plans in the works that hopefully will come to fruition but have yet to be seen.

- Websites: As you know we have left JustCast and have gone to iVlog. We are finding great success on iVlog and hopefully will be moving the shows there FULL TIME soon. It’s a slow transition right now.

- Audio Only: We have had success with the audio only section of the site and people are enjoying the music heard on there! We will be expanding the playlist more soon adding more songs to the playlist and whatnot.

I meant to make a blog post about the audio only section of the website. But oh well, better late then never I guess :P

The audio only section was launched back in November and we have had success with it during the holiday season. We aren’t 24 hours yet but hopefully with a little bit of luck, soon we will be.

Well that does it for the updates. More to come as we go! Have a great year in the meantime!

October 2014 Update

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates! Wow, work has been killer! Anyways, things around the Rockin WAVES Network has been pretty quiet for the most part. We are heading into Halloween, and as of this blog post it is 13 days away. After Halloween, we will be getting into the exciting part of the year (and personally my favorite part of the year) THE HOLIDAYS!

Some special events coming up, on October 31st at 12:45 AM, a special Chris After Dark will be happening, and there will be no music that night! *GASP* WHAT?!?!? No music? Yes, no music because it will be movie night instead! We will be airing the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Chris After Dark that night. It will not be on YuckLive though it will be on Ustream ONLY due to some “suggestive content” that Yuck may ban us over (of course they would ban me if my shoes were untied) but anyways, be on the lookout for that. I will have more info on more events as the times get closer.

ANyways, that’s it for the update, Keep on rockin everyone!