Legend 2000 Multi-Media

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Matt's LG2000 Multi-Media built 10/30/1993

The Legend 2000 Multi-Media was a computer manufactured between 1993 and 1994.

It came in multiple versions, using both the 4x4 case seen here, as well as the 3x3 Design v1 case, a Post-FOT 3x3 Design v2 Early Wavy case, and possibly others.

In some models it was sold with a 486SX/25, in others, a 486SX/33.

The machine was later sold as the Legend 2000 Plus Multi-Media with a 486SX-33 in a 3x3 Design v2 FOT/Frog Early Wavy Case and replaced the PB420 with a PB430 board.

The Picture at right shows Matt's LG2000 MM in a 4x4 Design v2 Pre-FOT case using a PB420 Rev C motherboard, the machine was manufactured on October 30, 1993.

This machine is almost identical to his first PB computer, the only difference being that his was a FORCE (Non-Multimedia) with a larger HDD and this is a Multi-Media, with a smaller 170MB HDD.


486SX-25 CPU In a PB420 Motherboard.
Packard Bell PB420 Motherboard.

These specs are for the Legend 2000 Multi-Media shown in the picture. Specs for other revisions are listed where known.

  • Processor - 486SX/33 or 486SX/25
  • Memory - 4MB, Upgradeable to 36MB (PB410/PB420); 4MB, Upgradeable to 64MB (PB430)
  • Hard Drive - 170MB, Others
  • Graphics Chip - Headland (Video7) HT216-32 VLB Video Card (PB420); Cirrus Logic 5424/5428 (PB430)
  • Sound Card - Aztech Multi-Media 16 Pro Sound Card, Others
  • Optical Drive - 2x Panasonic CD-ROM Drive
  • Optical Connection - Via Sound Card
  • Floppy Drives - 1x 1.44MB 3.5" Floppy Drive
  • Expansion Slots - 3 ISA Slots
  • Operating System - MS-DOS 5, later MS-DOS 6; Windows 3.1
  • Navigator Version - Navigator 1.1
  • Hard Drive Format Number - 555128, Others
  • Case Type - 4x4 Design v2 (Shown), 3x3 Design v1 Pre-FOT, 4x4 Design v3 Post-FOT Early Wavy
  • Preinstalled Software - 1993/1994 Bundle
  • Motherboard - PB420 (Pre-FOT), PB430 (Post-FOT)
  • Price (If Known) - ~$1300 (SX/25 Pre-FOT Model)

Older Revision (1993)

This is another Legend 2000 Multimedia from 1993 that was found on Vogons. It contains a 486SX-25 in a slightly modified 3x3 Design v1 case.

The specs are identical to that of Matt's LG2000 MM shown above, before upgrading.