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A 1997 photograph of the Legend 822CDT formerly owned by Billy Coore's family.

The Legend 822CDT was a computer manufactured from July-December 1995. It is noteworthy in that it was one of the first Packard Bells to include Windows 95 pre-installed.

This was also Billy's first computer! :)

The spec sticker from the box a Legend 822CDT shipped in.


  • Processor - 100MHz Pentium Processor
  • Memory - 16MB, Upgradeable to 72MB
  • Hard Drive - 1.2GB
  • Graphics Chip - Cirrus Logic, 1MB Video Memory, upgradeable to 2MB
  • Sound Card - Standard Packard Bell Sound/Modem Card
  • Optical Drive - 4x Panasonic CR-581-B CD-ROM Drive (This will not play back CD-Rs)
  • Optical Connection - IDE/Atapi
  • Floppy Drives - 1x 1.44MB 3.5" Floppy Drive
  • Expansion Slots - Unknown
  • Operating System - Windows 3.11/Windows 95
  • Navigator Version - Navigator 3.0 (Windows 3.11)/Navigator 3.5 (Windows 95)
  • Hard Drive Format Number - 556020 (Windows 95)
  • Case Type - Mini-Tower
  • Preinstalled Software - 1995/1996 Bundle
  • Motherboard - PB600
  • Price (If Known) - Unknown
The spec sticker from the Legend 822CDT.

Other Information

Up-close look at another Legend 822CDT in 2013.
  • Packard Bell began manufacturing the Legend 822CDT in late June/early July of 1995.
  • Was originally shipped with MS-DOS 6.20/Windows for Workgroups 3.11.
  • Best Buy was an early advertiser for the computer and offered a free Windows 95 upgrade option.
  • Other advertisers included Campo, Dillard's, and SoundTrack.
  • The Legend 822CDT was one of the first Packard Bells to be pre-installed with Windows 95.
  • The computer's serial number on the rear sticker began with N35 followed by 8 digits. When the default pre-loaded OS changed to Windows 95 in October 1995, the serial number changed to N45.
  • The Legend 822CDT was sold in stores at least until February 1996 when its advertising campaign ended.
  • The majority of Legend 822CDTs shipped with a PB600 motherboard. There are Hillary Board versions, but these are very rare.