Leonardo The Inventor

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Enter the mind of the greatest inventor the world has ever known... Leonardo da Vinci.

This multimedia CD-ROM takes you back in time to explore the inventions of a visionary genius who was centuries ahead of his time! Today's technology allows you to see his inventions come to life before your eyes.

Narration, images and sound bring the works of Leonardo to life on your computer. A stunning interface allows you to journey through the vast collection of his notebooks.

His inventions spring to life as fully rendered 3D illustrations show how each element would have worked.

Discover Leonardo's legacy to the modern world!

Many of the inventions Leonardo envisioned centuries ago have formed the basis for modern day technology. Videos of how his inventions have been adapted to today's uses show how accurately Leonardo's notebooks predicted the future!

The biography tells the fascinating story of Leonardo's life. A timeline of the major events of Leonardo's life also explores historical world events during that time period.

Match wits with Leonardo in three action/adventure games! You'll learn about Leonardo as you slip into his diving suit, soar over Italy in his flying machine, and plot your escape from his fortress!