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Packard Bell's Milano Tower, also known as the 7x6, was a major change from the Frog Design, but as seen, it was an evolution rather than a revolution. This design was used for many later models from 1997-1998 including late model Pentium MMXs, such as the 233 MHz version, and some early Pentium IIs. Also pictured is the rare "flat" tube Packard Bell monitor with built-in speakers.

Some people think that this is the best-looking case PB ever made, while others disagree. In any case, it is rather rare, although not as rare as some others - such as the Corner Desktop.

The Milano Tower supports a single 3.5" floppy drive and a single CD-ROM drive with more bays hidden behind a drop-down door.

This model was discontinued shortly before Packard Bell was purchased by NEC and went with bland "ATX" style cases before leaving the US market completely.