Navigator - Version 3.5

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Navigator 3.5 showing the Living Room.

Packard Bell Navigator 3.5 was released in 1995. It is quite possibly the most well known and remembered version of Navigator.

Differences from Navigator 3.0

Navigator 3.0 was designed as the last version for Windows 3.x. Navigator 3.5 was designed for use with the new Windows 95.

One can tell the difference between Navigator 3.0 and 3.5 by looking at the TV before and after the first menu appears.

Also, unlike 3.0, you can access Ark Workspace and Ark Kidspace via Navigator's Software Room.

Navigator 3.9 Prototype

In this version, there is a secret prototype to Navigator 3.9. By finding the line HOME=0 in the nav.ini file, changing the value to 1, erasing the USR1 folder, and restarting PB Navigator an alternate map appears. One can see the Ark Foyer, which bears a resemblance to the foyer seen in Navigator 3.9.