Navigator - Version 3.6

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Navigator 3.6's Living Room. It is completely identical to 3.0 and 3.5, but with added Internet functionality.

Packard Bell Navigator 3.6 was released around 1996.

Differences from Navigator 3.5

This version of Navigator is exactly the same as 3.5 - except that it offers more internet support. It did not, however, offer Planet Oasis like in Navigator 3.9. At the time, there were two software packages for the two model series of mid-to-late 1996: Multimedia and Platinum. The Multimedia's had Navigator 3.6 (with the 1995/1996 software pack), and the Platinum's had 3.9 (with the 1996 Platinum pack). Planet Oasis was part of the Platinum pack only, and so was not included with non-Platinum machines until later.

Planet Oasis was later included on all machines, starting sometime in late 1996-early 1997 when Navigator Assistant was released.