Packard Bell Interactive Series' There's a Dinosaur in the Garden and The Little Engine

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There's a Dinosaur In The Garden interactive storybook game

There's a Dinosaur In the Garden and The Little Engine were point-and-click storybook adventure games similar to *Active Imaginations - The Pirate Who Wouldn't Wash and Milly Fitzwilly's Mouse Catcher.

If your kids are crazy about dinosaurs, check out Packard BellInteractive’s “There’s A Dinosaur In The Garden” CD-ROM (Win/Mac).Dinosaur fans can view a Plesiosaur swimming in a modern-day swimming pool,a Parasaurolophus eating with utensils in the dining room, a Apatosaurusmunching veggies in the garden, or a Tyrannosaurus Rex who runs a garage.Get the picture?

A pack of prehistoric pranksters, also known as cartoon dinosaurs, invade ahouse and wreak havoc (well, did you expect them to clean the house? Getreal!! ). A brother and sister then take turns playing”hide and seek” withthe dinosaurs as you try to find where the siblings are hiding: under arug, around the corner, behind a plant or under the table. The charactersuse all kinds of devices to spy on the dinosaurs, including binoculars,periscopes and telescopes.

Besides the silliness, there’s gads of facts about the dinosaurs featuredon each page. Kids can learn about size, color, diet and weird features ofdinosaurs, not to mention their correct names. Heck, they’ll be ready forJeopardy after this CD-ROM!!

The Little Engine interactive story book game

The Little Engine tells a story of a fire-engine that does not have a bell. The towns people try and find substitutes for a bell for the Little Engine but none of them are suitable until the local principal finds an old school bell that does the trick