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The main window of the Packard Bell Internet Browser

The Packard Bell Internet Browser is a web browser that was bundled with Packard Bell computers. It could be accessed through the Info room in Navigator. It is based on SPRY Air Mosaic, which was a commercial product. There are few differences between the Packard Bell version an the commercial version by SPRY. The window title is "Packard Bell Internet" instead of "AirMosaic" and it also identifies itself as "Packard Bell Internet" on the about screen. There is also a Packard Bell menu item in the menu bar that is not present in the Normal AirMosaic browser. This menu item contains links to the Packard Bell website. Finally, there is a Packard Bell face of technology in the top left corner instead of the globe that was in the normal AirMosaic browser. Other than these minor differences, the GUI of the application is identical to that of AirMosaic.