Sammy's Science House

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Sammy's House is an edutainment title from Edmark and IONA that came out in 1994. This was distributed with Packard Bells in the UK in 1997. It features:

- Kids learn weather terms, experiment with temperature, wind, and precipitation, and see how different variables affect weather.

- What do shrews eat? Why does a squirrel flick its tail? Visit Acorn Pond during winter, spring, summer, and fall to explore its fascinating wildlife.

- Kids find great sketches and fun facts about the animals of Acorn Pond. Printing pages allows kids to share their favorite animals with family and friends.

- Lights! Camera! Action! Kids learn about beginnings, middles, and ends and explore how things in nature change over time as they arrange frames of film in logical sequences to Make-A-Movie.

- Clocks tick, wheels spin, and robots spring to life as kids follow blueprints or create original machines and toys.