The Great Word & Math Adventure staring Howie Mandell

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The railroad between the different activities in The Great Word and Math Adventure games

The Great Word and Math Adventure starring Howie Mandell was an edutainment title by 7th level. This was the successor to Tuneland. In these games you go on an adventure with Howie Mandell and his sister Sarah, his friends Stinky and the space ship. In these games you have to play games that involve educational puzzles to be able to progress through the adventure

a whack-a-mole game where you have to whack rats holding up capital letters

These games offer a range of fun activities to help test your knowledge on different aspects of literacy and numeracy, depending on whether you're playing the great Word adventure or the great Math adventure.

getting the correct answer to the sum or putting the correct number in the sequence will make you an ice-cream.

This game uses a lot of humor, which can captivate a child's attention and keep their attention hooked, which can in turn help them to better retain what they have learned from the game.

funny choice of nicknames

Good examples of the humor in this game can be found not only in the choice of nick-names you can have the characters refer to you as when you sign the guestbook for the first time; but also in Howie's bumbling around, and the back and forth dialogue between the other characters.