How To - Determine the Motherboard of your Packard Bell

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There are a few ways that you can determine the motherboard that your Packard Bell has.

1. Look for the FCC label on your Packard Bell. This label is usually on the bottom of the case. Look for the FCC ID number on this label, it should contain letters and numbers. For example if your number reads FCC ID:FOD680pt, your Packard Bell has a PB680 motherboard.

2. If your Packard Bell still has it's original hard drive and System Credentials you can use the System Credentials program to find what motherboard your system has.

3.If you have the original printed System Credentials sheet, your Packard Bell's motherboard will be listed as system type on this sheet.

Below is a link to the motherboard identification page on Ray's Packard Bell Web Site. It has a few other methods not listed here. Please note method number five is no longer possible.

Motherboard identification page on Ray's Packard Bell Web Site