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'''[[Packard Bell System Credentials]]'''
'''[[Packard Bell System Credentials]]'''
'''[http://pbclub.pwcsite.com/PBInfo/PB%20Info%20Site/ PB Info Site]'''
'''[http://pbplanet.info/PBInfo/PB%20Info%20Site/ PB Info Site]'''
'''[http://pbclub.pwcsite.com/PBInfo/Jumpers/ PB Jumper Settings]'''
'''[http://pbplanet.info/PBInfo/Jumpers/ PB Jumper Settings]'''
'''[http://pbclub.pwcsite.com/PBFTP/ PB FTP & Downloads]'''
'''[http://pbplanet.info/PBFTP/ PB FTP & Downloads]'''
'''[[Packard Bell Spec Sticker Designs]]'''
'''[[Packard Bell Spec Sticker Designs]]'''

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Welcome to The Packard Bell Planet Wiki!
Packard Bell Planet is designed to be a comprehensive information site on Packard Bell Computers and
will focus on Pre-NEC/Pentium II models, specifically from 1986-1998.

We hope that Packard Bell Planet will soon be the largest source of Packard Bell information on the web!
NOTE - This wiki is currently under construction (And still incomplete), so please be patient!

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