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European Bundles

1997 UK Bundle

          Batman Cartoon Maker & Casper's Brainy Book
          Civnet, Thinkin Things 2, Sammys Science House, Trudys Time and Place House, Civ2 Demo, IONA Demo, 
          Comix Zone and Ecco the Dolphin
          Comix Zone and Ecco the Dolphin
          Corel WordPerfect Suite 7
          CorelDRAW 4
          ELLE 2000 Recipes, Orsay Demo, Michaelangelo Demo
          Language Learning with Asterix
          Magix The Mutlimedia Pool
          Microsoft Oceans
          My First Encyclopedia
          Student Reference Library
          TelePower Pro
          The Louvre

US Bundles 1993-Mid 1994 Bundle

          CD Deluxe Pack v2PB (1993)
          Microsoft Works
          The Animals v2PB
          The New Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia R6

1994-Mid 1995 Bundle

          3D Body Adventure.UIF
          3D Dinosaur & Zoo Adventure.uif
          3D Space & Sea Adventure & Speed.UIF
          CD Deluxe Pack v3PB (1994)
          Multimedia Almanac
          Multimedia USA Atlas.UIF
          Multimedia World Atlas.UIF

1995-1996 Bundle

          1995 Guinness Book of World Records
          Active Imaginations, Crosswords & Mayo Health Clinic
          Healthy Cooking
          Journeyman Project Turbo!
          Mindscape Complete Reference Library
          My First Encyclopedia & Spiderman Cartoon Maker
          Packard Bell 1996 CD Collection.pdf
          Silent Steel
          Weekend Home Projects

1997 Multimedia Bundle

          Great Word & Math Adventure
          Greetings Workshop
          Windows 95 Companion

1997 Platinum Bundle

           Mindscape Student Reference
           Packard Bell Interactive Series, Print Master and WOW! by
           Sony CD-Extra Sampler
           The 3rd
           Tuneland & Ecco the
           Windows 95

Misc CDs

  Jurassic Park PB
  X-Men Cartoon