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Here is a list of some of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding Packard Bells.

Q - Why Packard Bell?

A - Why Packard Bell? We are a group that mainly consists of people that owned or grew up with a Packard Bell in their household. Not only that, but there is nearly zero information online regarding Packard Bells, and we feel that we should share the information that we have to help out other Packard Bell owners!

Q - Weren't they the most unreliable computers sold in the 1990s?

A - As for unreliable, this statement is partially untrue. Packard Bell was the #1 manufacturer of Personal Computers for many years. So while there is a claim that they were the most unreliable, the truth is they weren't very far off from the other common brands in the 1990s. When you're selling that many machines, you're more likely to experience issues just because of how many are sold. Whereas if you sold very few of something, you'd see very few issues, because you did not sell many.

Q - Where can I get ISOs of the Master CD I need? What about Recovery Floppies? Does this Wiki have them?

A - Unfortunately, even if we had possession of these disks, we would not be able to share them.

Q - Why can't I edit the wiki?

A - Sadly, we cannot allow the wiki to be edited by everyone. As you may know on Wikipedia, you can just about edit anything you want to. Sadly, in most cases, this is usually malicious editing. Therefore to avert this, we have made the decision to not allow any editing except by trusted members. If you have information you'd like added, just let one of us know!

If you have a question about a common problem with your Packard Bell, please visit the Troubleshooting page.