Packard Bell Spec Sticker Designs

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Throughout the 1990s, Packard Bell would put stickers on their computers showing the specifications for the particular system. On desktop models, the stickers would be noticeably larger and on top of the case while on a Mini Tower or a Designer Tower, the sticker would usually be smaller in size and on the front of the case, below the floppy drive.

Early 1994


This is one of the earliest spec sticker designs from the Packard Bell Face of Technology era. There were some variants that were green instead of red. Other colors may have existed as well.

Late 1994


This was the spec sticker used on most Packard Bell models in the later half of 1994. The main colors were red and white with the word "Multimedia" imposed in the background in light red lettering.

Early 1995


This style was used on most models in the early part of 1995, for both 486 and Pentium machines. This was a simple design with a light green bar running along the entire top with the specs simply printed at the bottom.

Late 1995


A very well known style, Packard Bell used this design from the summer of 1995 until around January 1996. There are two variants of this sticker, one with a screenshot of Packard Bell Navigator and one with a picture of the Fast Media Remote.

Early 1996


This design was used from around January 1996 until summer 1996. There are some rare variants that are yellow instead of red.

Late 1996


Similar to the early 1996 design, this one uses a green and purple color along with a larger "Designed for Windows 95" sticker.