Packard Bell System Credentials

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The System Credentials are a listing of the original specifications included with Packard Bell computers. It was stored on the hard drive, and a hard copy was also included. This hard copy was printed with the Packard Bell and a laser printer, as noted on the bottom of the sheet. Here's what is know about the System Credentials:

• System Credentials are stored in the hidden file PBSPEC.BIN on first launch of the System Credentials program. This file is stored in C:\PBTOOLS

• System Credentials app was made in Visual Basic 3.0.

• System Credentials are stored in track0 of the hard drive, which is the first 63 sectors of the hard drive.

• The System Credentials start at sector 12, then continue at sector 55, then continue at sector 58, then the remainder is at sectors 61-63. It's unknown if this is the same on all Packard Bells.