Trudy's Time and Place House

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Trudy's Time and Place House is an edutainment title from Edmark and Iona. It came bundled with Packard Bell computers in the UK in 1997.

In Trudy's Time & Place House, children enjoy exploring geography and time with Trudy's whimsical friends! Invites kids to build time-telling skills; develop mapping and direction skills; and "travel" the world learning about continents, oceans and landmarks.

Early learners explore geography and time concepts

Trudy's Time & Place House teaches important concepts about geography, mapping, directions, and time-telling. Five playful activities enchant students with lively music, engaging manipulatives, and a variety of characters. This is the fourth title in the award-winning Early Learning Series.

Explore & Discover and Question & Answer modes provide opportunity for independent and structured learning.

Positive, gentle feedback enhances learning and guides students to success