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Navigator 3.9's Living Room.

Packard Bell Navigator 3.9 was released in 1996. It offers a different house interface than the one seen in versions 3.0 - 3.6. This was the last version of Navigator with a house interface to come installed on American computers.

Differences from Previous 3.x Versions

The house offers a different foyer, which includes a software library (which was its own room in previous versions of Navigator).

This room also features a new room - Myspace, which is a dingy-looking counterpart of Kidspace, designed for older kids. Myspace has two secret rooms to explore, which can be seen by clicking on the extreme left or right of the screen. In these rooms are a few puzzles and interactive objects.

Also, unlike some older versions of Navigator, 3.9 does not have a map overview of the house.

Planet Oasis

Packard Bell Navigator 3.9 came with a graphical internet browser called Planet Oasis, aimed at kids. It featured a city with buildings, representing the websites one could visit (e.g. Disney, CNN, etc.). It was not available in Navigator 3.6, as at its time, there were two software packages for the two model series of mid-to-late 1996: Multimedia and Platinum. The Multimedias had Navigator 3.6 (with the 1995/1996 software pack), and the Platinums had 3.9 (with the 1996 Platinum pack). Planet Oasis was part of the Platinum pack only, and so since 3.6 wasn't a part of the Platinum pack, Oasis wasn't on Navigator 3.6.

Navigator 3.9 Prototype

In Navigator 3.5, there is a secret prototype to Navigator 3.9. By finding the line HOME=0 in the nav.ini file, changing the value to 1, erasing the USR1 folder, and restarting PB Navigator an alternate map appears. One can see the Ark Foyer, which bears a resemblance to the foyer seen in Navigator 3.9.